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Abdomen Ryona - Belly torturing animations

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Abdomen Ryona - Belly torturing animations
  • Abdomen Ryona - Belly torturing animations
  • Abdomen Ryona - Belly torturing animations
  • Abdomen Ryona - Belly torturing animations
  • Abdomen Ryona - Belly torturing animations
  • Abdomen Ryona - Belly torturing animations
### This product contains graphic content and may be upsetting to some viewers, viewer discretion is advised
### This product is only available in Japanese

4 types of stomach animation!

About 37 minutes movies

and bonus movies

Movie information

Movie type: MP4
Frame size: 1920 x 1080
24 fps


### 4 types of torture

"bellypunch" "machine" "tentacle" "parasite"

Please enjoy 4 types of stomach torture!

# bellypunch

The first victim undergoes "bellypunch"
Please enjoy seeing her suffering

Punch stomach with a fist
Push a fist into stomach
Press and rub stomach with a fist

Softness of stomach felt coming to the fist!

You can feel the softness of the belly through your fist
And lastly, bellypunch until consciousness disappears...

Please enjoy stomach torture!

# machine

bellypunch makes hands tiring
So... I use a machine

Hold down the girl...
One shot bam!

First, compress the stomach
Next, bellypunch with a piston

Water torture when you enjoy it all
The stomach puffs up with water...
food baby girl,Forcibly pull water...


# tentacle

Then play with "tentacles"

The girl was caught by a slimy moving tentacle
Desperately struggling to escape, the stomach will twist!

Poke the tentacle into distorted stomach!
First, the tentacles swing round and round and round and round and...
Next, Piston motion in navel
Finally ejaculate, in navel!
Sperm overflows from the navel!

There are lots of tentacles, so I can enjoy a lot!

# parasite

The last torture is parasite

Fall parasite on the girl's stomach...

The parasite enters inside through the navel hole...

After a short time...

A parasite that moves cheerfully in the stomach!

The girl suffers as it is being stirred up by its internal organs

Falling the suffering girl further into hell
Add parasites...
Add parasites...
Add parasites...

The parasite irritates the girl's belly forever...

### File contents


* main movies

opening.mp4 4:22 opening
01.mp4 6:28 bellypunch
02.mp4 8:36 machine
03.mp4 8:59 tentacle
04.mp4 8:36 tentacle
pr.mp4 1:09 promotion movie * This movie only 960 x 540 size

* bonus movies

01_1.mp4 0:19
01_2.mp4 0:19
01_3.mp4 0:58
01_4.mp4 0:47
01_5.mp4 0:58
01_6.mp4 0:17
01_7.mp4 0:56
02_1.mp4 1:04
02_2.mp4 1:04
02_3.mp4 1:02
02_4.mp4 2:44
02_5.mp4 2:41
02_6.mp4 0:45
02_7.mp4 1:00
02_8.mp4 3:02
03_1.mp4 0:41
03_2.mp4 0:41
03_3.mp4 0:58
03_4.mp4 1:08
03_4.mp4 0:45
03_5.mp4 0:33
03_6.mp4 1:02
04_1.mp4 0:33
04_2.mp4 0:33
04_3.mp4 0:25
04_4.mp4 0:54
04_5.mp4 0:54
04_6.mp4 1:47

* images
* throwin

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Abdomen Ryona - Belly torturing animations Abdomen Ryona - Belly torturing animations Abdomen Ryona - Belly torturing animations
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