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Succubus Alchemist: Transformation, Orgasming Hell

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サキュバスの錬金術師 ~淫乱状態変化でイき地獄~

■trial version

■What kind of game is it?

Succubus Alchemist ~Transformation, Orgasming Hell~ is a business simulation game
Collect materials, process and sell them to make money!
Become the best shop in the shop ranking that will be announced every Sunday!

★Be aware of the State Changes★

Process adventurers and create items!
"Fleshlightify", "Weaponize", "Shieldify", "Ringify", etc.
Lots of fiendish processing methods!
Erotic images move smoothly!
Can choose with or without squirting!

Other than the state change animations, there are many more depicting "flesh fucking-armor", "stuck in wall" and so on!

Craft a lot and rank first in the shop ranking!


A succubus went for a walk in a demons' town
The goblins were raving about the fleshlights she made out of adventurers who attacked goblins

"A shop that sells processed adventurers sounds interesting!"

The succubus decided to open a shop in this demons' town


The basics are "material collections", "crafting" and "selling"

As you get more famous, more customers will visit your shop!

Utilize facilities that automatically collect materials for you!

Self-checkout system enables automated selling!

Accomplishing quests from the succubus in the bar develops the town! More erotic facilities will be available!

If you succeed in defending against adventurers' raid, Goblin Fleshlight Festival will be held!

Shop ranking is announced every Sunday

You can continue playing after game completion! You can increase sales even more!