Goblins Strike Back -Instant Fuck Heroines-



Goblins Strike Back -Instant Fuck Heroines-

ゴブリンの逆襲 出会った瞬間即ぶち込み

■Roguelike Game Without Game Over

Goblin-breeding RPG
Fuck the heroines
Impregnate heroines with goblins
Command your goblin legion
Exterminate human bases!


This is a story of goblins revenging on humans ruining their villages

A goblin was blessed by the goddess and gifted with special power after his village was destroyed by humans
This empowered goblin fucks and seizes human heroines who disdain the goblins

Goblins impregnate the heroines caught, make them bear goblin babies and form goblin legion
Goblins' legion raids on human bases and destroys their habitat...


★Investigate Dumbass Humans' Bases

Grow your stats, collect items and progress to new maps!
You can survey dumbass human bases at specific locations!

★Developing Goblin Bases

You can capture the heroines and kick them into impregnation rooms, drain-rooms and whorehouses and receive goblins and money automatically!
Go get the heroines and develop your base!

★Raid on Dumbass Humans' Bases

Once you complete the human base investigation you can raid on the base with your goblins!
Fuck the females and exterminate the humans!

■Features of the Game

★Easily Playable Roguelike Game

Fast-pased RPG!
No troublesome elements of RPGs!
No Game Over!

★Instantly Fuck the Heroines! Exhilarating FUCKING Erotic RPG!

Fuck the cocky heroines who treats the goblins like scums!

★Enjoy Developing your Base! Base Building Simulation Game!

The impregnation room can impregnate heroines to get more goblins
The drain-room can drain energy from heroines
The whorehouse enables you to use the heroines to make money
Allocate your heroines to these facilities and develop your base!